Guided visit to Palazzo Trinci Museum in Foligno

Guided itinerary to experience the magnificence of Trinci’s court, Foligno seigneurs from 1305 to 1439: from the beautiful palace halls with frescos form Gentile da Fabriano, to the Palatine chapel or the gothic hall. The museum hosts a rich archaeological collection from the Umbrian and Roman period, as well as some Civic Picture Gallery (Pinacoteca Civica) collections and the Multimedia Museum of Tournaments and Equestrian Jousts.

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Spello is situated at the foot of Monte Subasio and it is 5 km from Foligno and 30 km from Perugia. The village extend itself partially in Mountain, partially in hill and in plain, offering a beautiful glance of vineyards and olive trees cultivations. From the olives, Spello take its very precious gastronomy product: the extra virgin olive oil. It is no coincidence, in fact that this town is prized among ‘the most beautiful Italian settlements’ and it is part of the Italian Association of Olive oil’s town. Spello is also internationally known for having received the silver medal on the European prize Entente Florale: the main streets of Spello are carpeted with floral art made by Spello’s skilled citizen on the Corpus Christy celebrations in June.

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Nowadays, Norcia is a town with a strong international vocation. Its traditional activities, mainly linked to the pork meat processing and the black truffle picking, along with the beauty of the mountains’ landscapes, make it the ideal destination for people from all over the world. The pig meat products typically form Norcia have their particularity in the traditional pig meat processing methods. One of the most well-known product is the Prosciutto di Norcia (Norcia Ham), prized with the label IGP since 1998.

From Norcia’s noble and ancient art of processing pig meat, the Italian term that indicate the pork butchery: Norcineria.

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