Food and Wine tour

Food and wine tour

Umbria, excellences land

Let yourself be charmed by the thousand faces, the perfumes and colour of Umbria, good eating excellences land. Covered by dense woods and wide vineyards and olive trees groves, Umbria is the Italian region of strong and sincere flavours: wine, olive oil, truffle, and high quality cured meat bring extraordinary dishes, full of taste, aromas and personality. The trip in this amazing region is an unmissable experience for eyes, spirit and palate! Every place has his typical dish and the Umbrian cooking passes on his antique and genuine character though centuries.

With our food and wine tours, tailored on your needs, we‘ll bring you along a suggestive path through history, art and nature, as well as wineries and farms.

A tasteful walk: food and wines tour ideas

A day in Montefalco. Montefalco, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, is situated in the middle of Sagrantino’s lands: for his enchanting position is called “the Umbrian Terrace”. Here, besides the suggestive view and the beautiful monuments, it is possible to approach the excellent DOC wines as Rosso di Montefalco and Sagrantino, best known and appreciated all over the world: the important labels such as Caprai, Lungarotti, Tiburzi at many other are amongst the biggest wine exporting Italian companies. During the afternoon you can have a nice walk in Montefalco and ending the excursion with a visit in cured meats and typical products farms.

Foligno e the bakery art.After the rich breakfast at the hotel, let’s start the visit to one of the best handmade bakeries in Foligno town. Umbrian tradition offers a lot of different sweet and savoury bakery products related to its origins and to the ancient art of bread making. Bread is still baked in wood-burning oven as it used to be in ancient times… Raw materials used throughout the entire production process, are the best available gotten from the local market, in particular, we talk about h 90{59a60aafb90671f9a48a9480c8b0141a799b2116f32f38475caf6d8271390658} of flowers and eggs.

We suggest spending the afternoon visiting the Palazzo dei Trinci Museum in Foligno, with or without guide. A guided itinerary to return to the splendour of the Court of Trinci, Foligno’s seigniors from 1305 to 1439: you can visit palace beautiful halls painted by Gentile da Fabriano and the Palatine Chapel as well as the gothic hall. The museum hosts a rich archaeological collection from the period umbrae-roman, the art works of the Pinacoteca (picture gallery) and Multimedia Museum of Tournaments and Jousts.

Spello and the olive harvesting. (the activity is seasonal, available approximately from October 15th to December 15th). La Callaia farm opens its door to those who want to experience the fullness of countryside life. A day passed in harvesting olives in Spello’s hills will dive you in past times atmosphere. After the Light Lunch in the farm, you can follow the olive oil production at the mall to discover the secret of the goodness of our precious treasure.

Pettino: searching for truffles. You will enjoy an amazing excursion in the one of the most Umbrian unspoilt natural surroundings with the hunter and his trusty dog, seeking truffles, jealously kept by the earth. You will pass the day improving your “cavatori” skills and you’ll be rewarded with a special food testing with your own work made dishes.