Giostra della Quintana in Foligno

It is the main event in which the whole community is focused on maintaining the tradition, since 1613, alive. On February 10th, in fact, in Foligno main square, a tournament was organized in order to celebrate Carnival. After three centuries, on 1946 September 15th, Foligno hosted again the Giostra della Quintana and ever since, in June and in September, the town activate and transform itself for the event.
Nowadays the ten knights ride a full gallop horse through an eight-shaped track in the Campo de li Giochi. The Giostra counts several rounds. In each round the ten knights (one for each ward) has to complete the track without any penalty, by catching three rings increasingly smaller (8, 6, 5 cm). The Giostra is a fascinating tournament where you can find velocity and skill, precision and courage. In the Quintana period, Foligno transform itself going back to baroque period, and live with extraordinary intensity his historical re-enactment. You will see drapes and stands in windows, flags with wards’ colours; you’ll be drawn 400 years back, in a fascinating tour in 17th century. More than 800 characters, Nobles and Ladies, in amazingly beautiful dresses, create the big historical parade that goes through the city centre streets on the night before the tournament. Every year around 100thousend people attend to it. The Quintana is gastronomy as well. In Quintana’s period, ten suggestive wards’ taverns are open for 15 day and during this little time, almost 50thosand people can taste the rich typical Foligno’s gastronomy of 17th century.

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