Guesia Relax

Living in balance between body and soul

We customized Guesia Relax on you: the cosy and soft ambient, the wellness refuge where you’ll be the main character of the time that you chose to dedicate to yourself. You can enjoy everyday ion every season the benefits of water, colours, warmth, light and air in a peaceful and magic atmosphere that will recharge you with renewed vitality, forgetting day routine.

Wellness Path

At the end of a day spent among Umbrian beauties, allow yourself to relax in our paradise corner with a stimulating hydro-massage or a regenerating sauna, an emotional shower with mint steam and tropical warmth, and then fell free to lay down in a comfy chaise longue enjoying colour therapy and music therapy Afterwards, sip a purifying herbal tea or a corroborating juice or eat a juicy fruit or some nuts that will leave at your disposal. We are pleased to offer you our wellness kit: soft bathrobe, slippers, soft sauna towel.


You can enjoy the summer warmth available each day of the year. Come to us to discover the delicacy of our solarium, equipped with the new generation technologies to sun get tanned in total safety.

Wellness packages

Guesia Village Hotel and Spa**** offers you endless combinations of stay and wellness: from our “Day Spa” to the “Gold Experience”. You can choose the package that satisfy the most your idea of pause and seek for a renewed beauty: they are offers with Spa and restaurant without overnight stay or packages more articulated with a couple (or three) of nights stays.

Wellness menu

Among amazing scents that relax your mind, you will discover the beneficial face and body treatments, which we customize for you: relaxing and regenerating massages with essential oils, soft caresses to relieve tensions, manicure, pedicure, anti-age cuddles for face that will give you health and lightness.

Our massages

Californian massage

It’s the king of massages; it is called sensitive massage or psychosomatic massage or anatomic massage as well. Your body will be manipulated with light strokes, fluid and sweet motions that will wrap the whole surface of your body, gentle touches or strokes on mussels and soft lengthening. Californian massages are very relaxing. You will feel extremely mellow and calm, your stress level will be greatly reduced, and your mind will be free. Californian massage can help lower blood pressure and fight off other stress-induced illnesses. The massage also increases blood and energy flow and circulation, which is essential for good health and beauty.

Untying massage

It untied tensions and contractures, it’s known as a real wellness treatment for people with localized pain due to wrong posture, heavy physical strains or tiredness.

Relaxation massage

It is useful to stimulate the organism, to distend mussels. It gives a general tonic action, improves the oxygenations of tissues and rebalances hormonal levels. There are still substantial health benefits to a relaxation massage, including calming the nervous system, promoting a sense of well-being, improving blood circulation and stimulating the body's lymphatic system, which carries away waste products. There will be strong link between the therapist’s hands and your body, which through the contact with the body surface will reach your mind establishing a connection in multiple levels, which is very important for your body and mind balance.

Anti-cellulite massage

This is essential to fight cellulite and it works of the lymphatic and blood circulation, it melts fat deposits with kneading movements. This kind of massage, improve skin tonicity and firmness as well.

2014 New: Light Touch massages

Face massage

Relaxing, toning and reshaping massage, made with red fruits cream for a vasoprotective action.

Hands massage

Muscle relaxant massage with beneficial effetcs on joints

Feet massage

Plantar and dursal massage with regenerating effects on lipmhatic and blood circulation.

Face treatments

Dermis-aesthetic Anti-age treatment

It improves the tissue oxygenation and skin tonicity. It is indicated for aging skins.

Purifying and sebum equilibrating treatment

It is indicated for oily skins. It has a purifying action and equilibrates the excess of sebum.

Sensible skins treatment

It is indicated for those with the skin sensible to temperature inversions that may become red. It has a tonic and refreshing action. There is a special occasion coming soon? Just give wellness and beauty as a present; it’s a gesture of love...

Happy Birthday special.

(From 2 to 6 people)

To celebrate a birthday, yours or of beloved ones; or to celebrate your anniversary, just choose among our treatments the one most suitable for you. Please come to our centre to live unforgettable wellness moments with your friends or your beloved ones. The package can be personalized with our treatments.

A present for the most beautiful day of your life

Bachelorette party package

(max 6 persone)

Bachelorette party comes from Latin and Oriental ceremony of preparation, the moment in which the bride-to-be was treated like a princess by her closest friends; she was bathed in warm waters, touched and sprinkled with precious natural scented oils and essences. The Guesia Village Hotel and Spa**** offers you the chance to live the charm of those ancient and magnificent beauty rituals, purification and joy to celebrate the bride-to-be. Treatment includes: welcome cocktail, free Spa journey, herbal teas tasting, scrub and relaxing massage for the bride, facial treatment or pedicures for bride’s friends.

Bachelor party package

(6 people maximum)

Bachelor party is a celebration of the man that is going to get married. It is done in the previous days of the wedding and it’s symbolically celebrated the celibacy living. The social ritual of the bachelor party is usually inspired by a goliardic spirit and involves the closest groom male friends. Traditionally, the bachelor party is organized by the man of honour and few intimate friends. The treatment includes: welcome cocktail, free Spa journey, herbal teas tasting, scrub and relaxing massage for the groom, facial treatment or pedicures for groom’s friends.

Bride package

It includes: welcome cocktail, free Spa journey, herbal teas tasting, scrub and relaxing massage, pedicure with scrub, manicure with moisturizing wrap, facial cleaning and facial specific treatment.

Groom package

It includes: welcome cocktail, free Spa journey, herbal teas tasting, scrub and relaxing massage, untying massage, facial cleaning and facial specific treatment, pedicure with scrub, manicure with moisturizing wrap.